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About our Products

Advancing Eco Agriculture formulates and manufactures superior quality plant nutrition supplements and soil amendments. A key concept to developing regenerative models of  agriculture is that plant nutrition products need to enhance both soil health and plant health at the same time.

Many products can enhance plant growth, but suppress soil health. Our products are designed to improve plant quality AND increase the health and diversity of beneficial soil microorganisms at the same time.

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HumaCarb is a concentrate of stable humic substances which have been shown to increase nutrient bioavailability and stability.


HyperCaP provides very bioavailable forms of both calcium and phosphorus which are very quickly utilized by plants.


MicroPak provides bioavailable trace mineral enzyme co-factors to enhance the formation of complete proteins.


Nutra-live Vitality™ is what your plants need for strong germination, healthy root systems, and improved immunity to fungal and bacterial pathogens.

Nutra-live Growth™ is a blend of calcium, phosphorus, potassium, magnesium and sulfur that are organically chelated for efficient plant uptake and stability in the soil.

PHT Calcium

PHT Calcium provides a source of bioavailable calcium which can be easily absorbed and moved to the fruit.

PHT Phosphorus

PHT Phosphorus provides plants with a very available form of phosphorus while greatly enhancing soil biology.

PHT Potassium

PHT Potassium provides an available source of potassium which enhances soil microbial communities.


Rejuvenate invigorates beneficial soil microbial communities to improve soil tilth and mineral bio-availability.


PhotoMag is designed to increase photosynthetic capacity and speed protein synthesis.


Seacrop is a natural ocean mineral concentrate containing very low levels of sodium chloride.


SeaShield™ is a bio-pesticide and fertilizer product that helps plants grow a thicker shell.


SeaStim is a virgin seaweed concentrate produced from extremely high quality sources with exceptionally high mineral and hormonal content.