Year after year, I watched our crops being destroyed by diseases and insects, in spite of increasing pesticide applications. Then... one year a melon crop had no disease damage. Two feet away were the same melon plants which had heavy disease pressure, in a clean line extending all the way down the field. I wanted to know the difference between those two groups of plants. I learned many fascinating things...


John Kempf

F a r m e r



Why do you Farm?

Farming is not an easy profession. Farming is not for the faint of heart.

Farmers choose to farm because of a sense of responsibility to their families - and to all families.

Farmers desire to work closely with life and living processes.

Unfortunately, we have adopted a model of agriculture which directly antagonizes the core values that originally attracted us to the ethics of farming.

We have replaced nurturing empathy with a warfare mentality - a combat mindset in which we are fighting diseases, killing insects, and destroying weeds.

At AEA, we have proven there is a better way. We help you produce crops which are resistant to disease and insect pests, and greatly reduce the need for pesticides.

We accomplish this result successfully every day on crops across America and beyond.

We can help you grow like you have never grown before.

Contact us when you are ready to move up to your next level of performance.

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Innovative plant nutritional supplements increase plant health and yields and accelerates soil microbial populations.


Comprehensive crop consulting and boots in the soil crop scouting services. We observe critical details most would miss.


The most comprehensive information in the industry on soil/plant eco-systems, clearly presented and easy to apply.

Thought For Food

Pesticides often cause changes in a plants chemistry that can cause it to be more suseptible to secondary insect and disease attack.

High energy plants produce consistent results, even in periods of extreme weather conditions.

The average harvest of most crops is only 10-25% of their genetic potential.

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Field Reports

AEA Testimonial from Bob Wilt, OR
... We stopped what we were doing and started focusing on the biological process and soil health. Since then everything has changed. Bob Wilt, OR
AEA Testimonial from Produce Grower
There were no other peppers in market that came close to these, in fact, I’ve never before seen peppers that were as large, as red, and as sweet as the ones we harvested off the AEA program. Produce Grower
AEA Testimonial from Larry Keefer
I have been using biological farming practices for 15 years and I have never seen anything work like this. I am no longer shooting in the dark, but have a direction and a reason for everything I am doing. Larry Keefer
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About AEA

Advancing Eco Agriculture provides a systematic approach to agronomy focused on impoving crop quality. We assist farmers in growing healthier crops, regenerating soil health, and improving farm economics. Through education, individual attention, and ongoing research, we hope to provide a model of the future as we help bring the joy, passion, and inspiration back to farming.




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